Analysis of Modern Elements in Works of Abu Turab Khosravi


  • Hosniyeh Nejatzadeh Eidgahi
  • Ali Eshghi Sardehi
  • Abolghasem Amirahmadi



Abu Turab Khosravi, Modernist, Literature, Abstract Meaning.


Contemplation on the theoretical foundations of modern fiction and modern texts denotes the fact that some of these texts highlight the new features of trends of modernism in literature closely related to the theme and motif including the inherent time and abstract thought. So far only some modernist elements were analyzed theoretically, while their competence and highlight is of important in modernist narratives that will be discussed in the current research. Features such as highlighted concepts of dying, deabsolutism and imbalance. The collections Divane Somenat, Havieyeh and Ketab-e Viran have the highest frequency in the use of the above components. The contemplation on the works by Abu Turab Khosravi from the perspective of characteristics listed as well as a few other basic components is a clear way and representation of his stories deep structure for the audience. The current paper modernist narratives are analytical-descriptive and in addition to introducing and analyzing each component of the narrative, one or more concrete example is given. The results show Abu Turab Khosravi is a technic-oriented writer and modernist features of delicate relationship with the fiction theme are hidden in narratives requiring to be explored in this context.


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Eidgahi, H. N., Sardehi, A. E., & Amirahmadi, A. (2017). Analysis of Modern Elements in Works of Abu Turab Khosravi. Journal of History Culture and Art Research, 6(3), 1066-1076.