Manifestations of Quranic Verses in Odes of Naser Khosrow


  • Mohammad Amiri
  • Khadije Davari



Quran, Verse (ayah), Naser Khosrow, Interpretation, Ode.


Naser Khosrow is the theologian and one of the famous poets of the fifth century. At first, he was secretary but he was evolved due to his spiritual dream. He started traveling and by hearing the promulgation of Isma‘ilism in Egypt went to that land and joined Ismaili sect. By the order of Fatimid imam of that time, Ma'ad al-Mustansir Billah, he was named Hujjat-i Khorasan. Among his works, Jamial hikmatin can be named which is the answer of the Abol heitham’s philosophical and theological questions. His Diwan includes the poems defending Isma‘ilism thoughts and is rich in philosophical, theological, and religious thoughts. One of the manifestations of Quranic verses (ayah) and hadith in Naser Khosrow’s Diwan is the existence of a variety of Quranic allusions and interpretations. From the Naser Khosrow’s viewpoint, the apparent meaning of divine miracle (Quran) is not enough because the core of rules is foundation and discovering these core components of the verses is the responsibility of an innocent Imam as well as hardworking scholars.


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