Nationalization of the Oil Industry in Iran and the Fadaiean of Islam

Rahim Mostafazadeh, Shiva Jalalpoor


Nationalization of oil industry is a name given to the escalation period of the Iranian people’ struggle for the nationalization of the oil industry. In its realization, a lot of groups were involved as well The Fadaiean of Islam. Findings of this research, which has been gathered using descriptive-analytic method, show that in the process of this national movement, The Fadaiean of Islam, provided grounds for the victory using both peaceful struggle strategies – cooperation with other religious groups and the National Front–and non-reconciling strategies including assassination of Hazhir and Razmara.

Anahtar Kelimeler

The Fadaiean of Islam, The nationalization of the oil industry, Mosadegh, Navab Safavi.

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