Archaizations in a Space of Sociocultural Transformation: A Theoretical Aspect


  • Aleksey P. Sitnikov
  • Dmitry N. Levashov
  • Vladimir I. Mareev



Archaization, Cultural layers, Sociocultural transformation, Sociocultural background, Degradation, Myth-making, Philosophical reflexion, Archetypes.


The article presents the analysis of social problems caused by the processes of archaization of contemporary Russian society. The relevance of the introduction of the concept of archaization into academic circulation as the socio-philosophical concept is that its terminological usage in the topical area of social philosophy may bring about solving a number of conceptual problems. Archaization is regarded in a space of sociocultural transformation which has been actively developing in Russian society in recent years. The authors suggest using a methodological construct for the assessment of the concept of archaization in the semantic center of which the process of the sociocultural interaction of Russian social actors is analyzed. Methodological construct is a tool of socio-philosophical analysis. Its purpose consists in identifying the essence, levels, and modes of manifestation and development of archaization in contemporary Russian society. The authors substantiate that archaization acts as a process of the sociocultural interaction the authors’ methodological construct makes it possible to identify the levels of production (representation) of archaization.


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