The Tendencies of the Development of Cultural Contradictions in the Information Society and Their Effect on the Development of the Educational System in Russia

Natalia Yurievna Taranenko, Elvira Antsasovna Rusetskaya, Viktor Nikolaevich Glaz, Yuliya Aleksandrovna Glaz, Olga Alekseevna Okorokova


The article considers the global information society as a postindustrial development society, culture inherent to it as a science issue and the process of the human’s self-revelation. Different approaches to defining global cultural contradictions in the information society as well as the scenarios of their development are analyzed. Education is one of the leading factors of social and economic development of the global information society. The system of cultural contradictions formed in the global information society and the tendencies of their development affect directly the educational system and act as a basis for the change in the cultural function of education. The changes in the educational values fundamentally alter the view on educational activity in the modern Russian educational system. These changes range from obtaining grounds for professional training to the individual’s ability for self-development, independent development of skills to solve non-standard problems.  

Anahtar Kelimeler

Culture, Cultural contradictions, the global information society, the educational system, the cultural function.

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