The Mechanism of Educational Institutions in the Dialogue of Civilizations: The Example of the Conference “Russia and Islamic World”

Elmira Lenarovna Sadykova, Venera Ilmirovna Basharan


International scientific and practical conference "Russia and Islamic world”, organized by the Center Islamic researches of the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan, is a considerable example of educational institutions that took part in the dialogue among cultures and civilizations. In the article, the authors analyze how the development of such mechanism as educational institutions helps on the preservation of cultural heritage, strengthening interethnic peace and accord, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, establishing a stable and effective cooperation of Tatarstan with international organizations, such as UNESCO, OIC etc. The objective of the study implies search not only one conference, but also mechanisms for development coordination and cooperation in intercultural and inter civilizational dialogues. It draws a conclusion about the necessity to expand cooperation between universities, exchange of views and experience; it can be also manifested in the organization of joint conferences like “Russia and Islamic world”.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Educational institutions, Intercivilizational dialogue, Islamic world, Regionalism, Conference “Russia-Islamic world”.

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