Features of Woman Journal in Tatar Language


  • Aigul A. Guseinova
  • Rezeda L. Zayni




Magazine, Magazine "Syuyumbike", Woman magazine, National magazine, Tatar magazine, Media development, Printing typology.


The article studies the functional and typological features of woman magazine published in the city of Kazan of the Republic of Tatarstan (Russia). The magazine "Syuyumbike" is the only woman magazine for the Tatars, the people of the Turkic ethnos living in the central regions of the European part of Russia. The Tatars make up 3.87% of population in Russia. "Syuyumbike", as the magazine with a century-old history, spreads throughout Russia. Besides it is read by Tatars, compactly residing in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the USA, Finland and Australia. In Soviet times, the circulation reached half a million copies, and it makes only 10 thousand at present, one fifth of which is distributed outside of Tatarstan. Despite the fact that the publishers of the magazine do not share their readers on the basis of gender, the main character of the magazine is a woman, an active member of modern society. The magazine, being the platform for the exchange of opinions among the representatives of Tatar nation from all over the world, serves to search for the solutions to various problems of our time. The identification of typological features makes it possible to determine the place of publication in the media system, it has an undeniable significance for the further development of newspaper and magazine market in the national languages of Russia. After the historical development analysis and the analysis of the magazine "Syuyumbike" current state, the authors made conclusions about the trends and the prospects of its further development.


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