Metaphors in Media Discourse on Migration


  • Narkiz K. Moullagaliev
  • Lyutsiya G. Khismatullina



Linguistics, Discourse of mass media, Sphere of concepts, Metaphor, Comparative typology, Migration.


The paper deals with the problems of cognitive linguistic discourse and comparative analysis studies of metaphor as a means of representing migration in mass media. It presents the most productive metaphoric models, shaping the concept of “migration”, that function in printed and electronic media discourses of Great Britain, USA and Russia in 2016-2017. A comparative analysis of metaphorical models representing migration in British, American and Russian media discourses has shown that in media discourses on the migration of 2016-2017, regularly three high-frequency and productive metaphorical models operate: hydronymic, military and morbid. Images of these metaphorical models are united by vectors of anxiety, despair, threats to life and have negative conceptual potential.


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Moullagaliev, N. K., & Khismatullina, L. G. (2017). Metaphors in Media Discourse on Migration. Journal of History Culture and Art Research, 6(5), 131-138.