Business Reputation and Management of the Socio-Pedagogical Image Formation of Institutions of Higher Education

Skripkina Alina Vyacheslavovna, Gorbacheva Diana Aleksandrovna, Turavec Natal'ya Romanovna, Gorbachev Aleksandr Aleksandrovich


This article discusses current developments within educational system in Russian Federation, with emphasis to establishing innovative socio-pedagogical images of the educational institutions. In that way, main problems and impediments on the way to their successful management, and suggested modernized technological strategies for creating desired socio-pedagogical image are also defined. It also investigates components and sets the criteria for the process of developing business image and reputation of the educational institutions. There are defined mechanisms of formation of the educational institutions image based on innovative brand technologies, including: external and internal criteria for evaluating the project results effectiveness; estimation of the cluster identity, economic efficiency and risks leveling; the structure of semantic network of information flows and the specification of general and specialized information provided by the project participants.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Strategy, Technologies, Reputation, Modernization, Innovation, Image, Management, Educational institutions.

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