Institutional Factors Affecting the North Caucasus Region in Connection to its Russian Identification


  • Abdullakh Abdulgamidovich Mallakurbanov
  • Elena Vladimirovna Baboshina
  • Ilmira Abduragimovna Abdulaeva
  • Irade Safaratdinovna Guseinova



North Caucasus, Republic, Ethnicity, Migration, Conflict, National policy, Political process.


The paper is devoted to the general problems of development of the North Caucasus region and various aspects of its investigation. This theme was not easy for scientists and analysts at all times, and it cannot be understood in a one-dimensional measurement. In general the Caucasus has provided and continues to exert considerable influence on the formation and development of the Russian identity and this is both theoretical and practical importance for us. Therefore much attention is paid to the present situation in Russian society, its ability to meet the challenges of the times in a rapidly changing world and changes in domestic and foreign policy on its southern borders. The paper presents different approaches to analysis and different comments on them. But all Russian researchers are united in one thing - in the understanding and preservation of this unique region as an integral part of the Russian state and Russian identity.


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