Some Stylistic Aspects of Social Advertising in Russia


  • Aigul F. Khanova
  • Tatyana V. Mazaeva
  • Filus G. Gallyamov



Social advertising, Public consciousness, Stylistic devices, Linguistic means, Language norms.


The article considers some stylistic aspects of advertising database in Russia. It examines linguistic and stylistic properties and peculiarities of social advertising and the impact it has on public consciousness. It determines that social advertisements in Russia are characteristic of the vocabulary belonging to the low language norms which reflects cultural and ethical context. Figurative language and stylistic devices aim at appealing to emotions and make the advertisement more memorable. The authors deem it necessary to create a common database on social advertising in Russia in order to facilitate the analysis of economic impact and evaluate the capacity to exert effect on mainstream audience as well as determine strategies to build advertising campaigns.


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Khanova, A. F., Mazaeva, T. V., & Gallyamov, F. G. (2017). Some Stylistic Aspects of Social Advertising in Russia. Journal of History Culture and Art Research, 6(4), 1284-1291.