Kemalism: The Term, Content, and Contemporary Visions


  • Rustam skanderovich Izmaylov
  • Rail Ravilovich Fakhrutdinov
  • Liliya Rifkhatovna Galimzyanova



History, Kemalism, Republican People’s Party, Ideology, the reformatory nationalism, Ataturk.


The article highlights some reasons commenting upon the lack of consensus in the scientific research involving the ideology of Kemalism and the reform period of 1920-1930 in the Republic of Turkey. This was largely due to both factors the inability to systematize the reforms and the reluctance of the ruling circles to create structure to the ideology of Kemalism. The comparative historical methodology was used as the leading approach to the study of this problem, because it is exactly the method which gives the opportunity to compare the interpretation of the term "Kemalism" in different historical and political contexts. The results suggest that the ideology of Kemalism is more than the sum of political practices, and is a vector directed to the creation of the modern national state. 


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Izmaylov, R. skanderovich, Fakhrutdinov, R. R., & Galimzyanova, L. R. (2017). Kemalism: The Term, Content, and Contemporary Visions. Journal of History Culture and Art Research, 6(4), 1253-1259.