Phonetic Analysis of Kalim Poem

Mohammad Nader Shaarifi, Fateme Kouppa, Mostafa Gorji, Behnaz Alipour Kaskari


Phonemes have a pivotal and deserving role in the creation of a poem as well as its meaning. In fact, the poet tries to put together phonemes (sounds) which are a combination of vowels and consonants, based on syntagmatic axis and paradigmatic axis in order to make a poem in such a way that attracts the audience attention. Mourice Grammont had a completely different point of view to the phonemes and their consequent inductions. According to his theory every phonemes is followed by a particular induction and based on drawn phonetic diagram, in which there is two main classifications of explosive and non-explosive, nonexplosive sounds (1-labiodental, 2-velar, 3- sibilant, 4-semi vowel) have the most usage and among them velar sounds (س/s), (ز/z) have the most frequency. These sounds are the expressive of feelings like regret, rancor, fear, and discomfort. We by study of poet's life, realize that the use of this sounds is correlated to the conditions of poet's life. 

Anahtar Kelimeler

Phonetic analysis, Mourice Grammont, Particular induction, Kalim poem.

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