The Heritage of the Progressive Ukrainian educators of the Northern Azov Region (the Second Half of the 19th Century): The Historical and Pedagogical Aspects

Olena Holub, Nadiia Shcherbakova, Anzhelika Lesyk, Svetlana Serhiyenko


The article reveals the approaches of progressive educators of Ukraine in the second half of the 19th century to the restructuring and modernization of the system of school education in the Northern Azov region. Their thorough study, critical thinking and assessment from the standpoint of modern pedagogy are among the sources of the development of today's pedagogical science. The pedagogical heritage of M. Korf and Ya. Novytskyi is of considerable interest to modern science, since their activity was important for the development of public education at the end of the 19th century, in particular in the Northern Azov region. The reformist views of these educators were aimed at the organization of general public education. The school, in their belief, was supposed to provide students with diverse humanitarian and real knowledge, to develop their ability to self-education, to promote the health of students, to develop aesthetic feelings in them. M. Korf paid a lot of attention to the preparation of teachers for pedagogical activities. In practice of Ya. Novytskyi the use of advanced teaching methods draws attention, in which a significant place was given to practical teaching methods. In the context of the problem under study, this provides an opportunity to enrich the modern pedagogy of the school, in particular, the primary school, idea of the organization, the content of the training of younger students, and the professional training of the teacher.

Anahtar Kelimeler

The Northern Azov region; Zemsky schools; Organization of universal education; Folkloristic activity; Studying in zemsky schools.

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