Personal Dignity in the European Legal Culture

Lyudmila V. Butko, Marina V. Markhgeym, Alevtina E. Novikova, Lubov A. Pozharova, Evgeniy E. Tonkov


The article presents the genesis of the origins of forming the legal mechanisms to protect the personal dignity in the European legal culture. It is noted that the legal content of dignity is predetermined by the moral aspect of consideration. In addition, the definition of "dignity" was transformed under the influence of the development of legal norms, doctrine and practice of protecting a person's rights and freedoms, the foundations of civil society and legal awareness. The chronological period of research was limited to the XIII-XIX centuries, within which the authors, using a comparative legal method, defined the directions of conceptualization and formalization of the personal dignity by scientists and legislation in the European countries. As a conclusion, it is shown that the observance of the right to personal dignity by the state will not only promote the exaltation of human dignity, but also simultaneously initiate the expansion of public law compensated by increasing the subjective rights. 

Anahtar Kelimeler

Personal dignity, Law, Constitution, State, Society, Morality, Will.

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